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Temporary Guardianships Attorney in Sandy Springs, Georgia

Temporary Guardianships are issued by the Probate Court in Georgia. These consent agreements to temporarily transfer guardianship from one person to another can be entered into without judicial review, but once a Temporary Guardianship is entered into, it cannot be severed by the parent who entered into it without Court Approval unless the Temporary Guardian also consents.

There are several reasons to contemplate a temporary guardianship. Examples are:

  • Illness of the parents, making caring for the minor child very inconvenient or nearly impossible.

Protect the People You Love

Changes in schooling. If you want your child to go to school in your parents' district, you must give them a temporary guardianship in order for them to register your children in their school district.

  • Extended Travel - You are sent on a foreign assignment or transferred temporarily across the country, and you want your child to remain in the same school to finish high school.

  • Other more unpleasant circumstances - You are facing incarceration, and you need to make arrangements for your minor children.