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DUI & DWI Attorney in Sandy Springs, Georgia

We treat our clients with understanding and we are unwavering when it comes to protecting the rights of all people who come to The Law Offices of Miles W. Rich with serious legal issues.

Our legal professionals know that there can be extenuating circumstances in cases involving DUI and DWI arrests. Regardless of your charges, you can be confident that you will not be judged by our attorney or support staff. Timing can be the key in these cases, so contact us to arrange a private meeting with our Georgia DUI/DWI lawyer so you can learn about your legal rights and options. We offer consultations because we believe that all people should have equal access to the law. You are under no obligation to hire our law firm.

A DUI Charge Can Take
Your Life Off Track

Why Choose Me?

For more than 15 years, we have been dedicated to providing efficient legal services, but we have always been focused on the best possible outcome for our clients' cases, not a fast fix. We never pressure our clients into accepting deals. We take the time to evaluate the evidence and the circumstances of the arrest and then decide on the best course of legal action. In some cases, it involves assertive negotiations with the prosecutor. Other times, the facts may limit our actions to aggressive litigation.

Our goal is to achieve optimum resolution for our clients' cases and minimize the consequences associated with a DWI penalty.