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Theft goes beyond simple shoplifting. If you fail to pay for services, walk away with a friend's property, or take items forcefully, you could be charged with a felony in Cumming & Sandy Springs, GA. Having a theft attorney on your side increases your chances of a positive outcome. The Law Offices Of Miles W. Rich will work with you to build a strong criminal defense and present it in court.

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If You've Been Charged
with Theft

What Is a Theft Crime?

Theft includes any crime where the property was taken without permission. This includes automobile theft, shoplifting, robbery, and more.

Theft is classified based on the value of the stolen item(s). There are three classes of theft:

  1. Class A

    Misdemeanor | Less than $500 of stolen property

  2. Class B

    Felony | $25,000+ of stolen property

  3. Class C

    Felony | Between $500 and $25,000 of stolen property

A theft crime can also be Class C if it included specific items, such as livestock, firearms, and automobiles.

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